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5 things you can plan in your small farmplot

Big or small, Owning a farmplot itself is an achievement. The pride passes onto future generations and provides you an unrivaled sense of calm. When you own farmland, you are not just the owner of the entire piece of property; you are also the owner of the gains and accomplishments that come with ownership. You...

5 ways a farm plot can help boost your mental health

In the current scenario, when the stress of performing better grabs us from the very childhood, it is important as a parent, as an individual and as a human that we take care of our most precious gift, our body. Mental health is not a taboo these days but still people become ignorant towards its...

10 Best Farmhouse Design Ideas In 2022

Traditionally, farmhouses were built on huge plots of agricultural land. They were regarded as long-term residences with a rural feel that was far from the metropolis. The inhabitants of these farmhouses were reliant on agricultural, forestry, and animal products. Then a time came when farmhouses began to be considered opulent homes for the upper class....

Triguna Country Homes to fulfill “The Farmland Dream”

The dream of owning farmland, spending lazy weekends on a getaway home or pursuing organic farming on leisure days is no longer a luxury anymore. With many economical players entering the market and commendable government policies, even the middle-class segment can own their Dream Farmland. If this excites you, then this is surely a read...

7 Things to consider when buying farmland in Karnataka

Appreciating values of farmland assets and the yields it earns is not a new term for investors or for the privileged few who always wanted a money-making property. Earlier, The Karnataka Land Reforms Act (1961) did not allow individuals without an agricultural background to own agricultural land in the state. But in 2020, the Act...

Top 10 Vastu Tips for Your New Agricultural Land

Buying a house or a piece of land in India is considered auspicious. And in every Indian household, it is the tradition that you have to do Vastu Puja for your new land. The word ‘Vastu’ literally translates to land, and the word Pooja means worshiping the land where your home will be built. It...

Managed Farmland near Bangalore

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