FarmlandsInvestingFact-check: Bill Gates also invests in farmlands, why aren’t you?

Bill Gates is an american renowned software developer, co-founded Microsoft, international philanthropist, noted business magnate, investor and is also the fourth richest person on Earth. What’s new in that? Everyone is truly aware of his achievements and successes. Well, now another achievement is added to his long esteemed list and that is being the largest, private owner of American farmland. He and his wife, Melinda Gates, jointly own over 268,000 acres of farmland diversified in over 19 states worth nearly about $690 million. 

But do you want to know why he is investing so much in farmlands? If wondering whether these have to do something with sustainability strategy, then Gates clarified these investments are, in fact, not connected to climate. Then what are the driving factors of such a huge investment by one of the richest persons on the earth? Let’s discuss:

1. High demand for farmlands among investors:

In India, many states have barriers for individuals without an agricultural background to own agricultural land in the state. But recently, in states like Karnataka, Acts amended, which now allows any individual to buy agricultural land in Karnataka, regardless of their background (the norms differ for different states). Also, farmlands were not a common asset a few years later. It defined luxuriance. But now since there is availability and affordability these farmlands are a huge demand among individual and institutional investors. Numerous entry barriers have been nullified, be it legal or financial.

  1. Farmlands are new gold:

What is about it that even the richest people want to invest in it? It is LAND. land is power; land is wealth; land is Peace; land is for generations and land defines your social and financial status. Even the rich want peace and high returns and obviously money and security don’t hurt anyone. And now with amazing EMI options available and affordable farmlands, it even became easier for common people as well. And it is gold for a reason, it grows and it serves when need be.

3. Farmland delivers solid returns to investors:

The ever-appreciating land value coupled with plantation or timber harvest is a sure win. Continuous growth in demand for organic food and timber made this class even more lucrative and beneficial. Unlike other types of real estate properties where rates fluctuate with the building of new housing units, farms offer limited supply. Therefore, it is unlikely to devalue. Also, farmland investments are not volatile as that in the stock market, hence, a great addition to a diversified portfolio.

  1. Farmlands correlated to Agri-tech:

Farming advancements are predicted with heavy investments in farmlands by a Rich Technology person. Bill Gates’ investments may lead to advancements in Agri-Tec and other traditional farming practices for efficiency and better productivity.

  1. Farmland is a sustainable asset class

With Gates clarifying that his investments are not for climate and he might solely focus on returns, we can not overlook the potential that farmland investments have to drive sustainability on a bigger scale. Farmlands, organic farming and green covered environment is surely going to heal Earth and thus humans.                                                                              

How much wealth do you need to reap the benefits of Farmland as Bill Gates is deriving?

Bill Gates investing in farmlands will surely encourage others to start gauging farmland as a smart investment opportunity. But is the encouragement enough to invest in farmlands? Finding how much wealth you need to buy a land is crucial.

Well, You surely need not require Gates levels of wealth and Gates level of huge investments to start with. The idea here is , you should start from somewhere and with multiple options available in and around Bangalore, it becomes even easier for investors to buy farmland which is economical, luxurious and functional all at once. One such property is Triguna Country Homes. The most unique concept of Triguna Country homes is that it provides a subtle balance between rural peace and contemporary living. A 7-acre natural lake, a more than 100 years banyan tree, almost 30000 trees along with luxurious 5-star Triguna Clarks Exotica Resort stretching 8 acres, are few features that make this whole property a world-class community. Also, these farm plots come with amazing ZERO interest EMI options.

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