FarmlandsInvesting5 reasons why you should invest in a farmland in your 30’s

The 30’s is a time in life when you have made progress in your job, are capable of taking risks, are planning for retirement, are spending money on recreational activities, and still have to invest to hedge against inflation. You have time and money on your side and investing at this age can have significant long-term benefits. Whether you’re saving for retirement, building wealth, secure financial future or working towards financial goals, investing can help you achieve your objectives. 

Farmland is a new generation asset that has surfaced as a boon in the investment market among the many other assets that are accessible on the market for investment. And investing in it when in your 30s can help you achieve certain mental and financial freedom. Here we discuss why you should invest in farmland in your 30s. 

1. Time is on your side: 

When you start investing in your 30s, you have time on your side to benefit from the power of compounding i.e. more time and options to reinvest the returns generated. And in case of farmland, there are multiple returns which can be reinvested or cherished for years. The biggest return comes from owning land, and a well-chosen piece of land will only increase in value over time. Other returns include the farmland produce which can be sold or consumed at home, renting infrastructure built on the land, like, a farmhouse, yoga deck, firepit etc. and  last but not not least a mental peace of owning such big asset is unparalleled. 

2. Diversification: 

Investing in farmland can diversify your investment portfolio. Farmland can be a great hedge against inflation and economic downturns. Additionally, it can provide a tangible asset that is not subject to the volatility of the stock market and thus unlikely to see any depreciation. Infact, Farmland is a long-term investment that provides stable returns over a period of time.

3. Retirement planning: 

Investing in your 30s is crucial for retirement planning. By starting early, you have more time to build a substantial retirement nest egg. And something like a farm for your retirement is a thoughtful decision. You can build a retirement home there or can start organic farming as a retirement profession. Many celebs like Dharmendra are also pursuing it as an old age profession. Reasons include, it provides you with healthy organic food and it keeps you physically engaged and closer to nature and hence keeps you healthy. What else do you need for your retirement; Money, health and peace; right? That means, a farmland.

4. Weekend home: 
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There are times when you want to escape to something serene and tranquil amid all the stress of taking care of your family’s daily needs, planning for their future, and making arrangements for your old age. And what could be more peaceful than nature and that too when you own that piece of nature in the form of farmland. You can build your weekend home here and spend tranquil weekends outdoors while engaging in activities like cycling, gardening, hiking, and many others. It’s like a recreational and relaxation home. Gated Farmland communities like Triguna Country Homes are providing farmlands amidst nature away from the city , still easily accessible. 

5. Investment for today, tomorrow and generations: 

Just like gold, Farmland can be a legacy asset that can be passed down to future generations. Additionally, by promoting biodiversity, lowering carbon emissions, and improving your today, this investment beautifies tomorrow for you and your descendants. Owning farmland can provide a sense of connection to the land and can help ensure that it is preserved for future use.

Farmlands are appreciating assets with expected returns and have proven to be a smart choice of responsible and futuristic investors.  A well-chosen farmland with Strategic location, meticulous planning, variety of plantations, dedicated maintenance and exponential growth can be an irresistible option to be a part of your portfolio. Farmlands are investments that serve mental and physical health and are even more peculiar at 30s as this is one of the most stressful and more earnful phase of your life. Make the most of it by ensuring that your present is lovely and your future is secure.  A farmland fulfills all these desires. 

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