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Traditionally, farmhouses were built on huge plots of agricultural land. They were regarded as long-term residences with a rural feel that was far from the metropolis. The inhabitants of these farmhouses were reliant on agricultural, forestry, and animal products. Then a time came when farmhouses began to be considered opulent homes for the upper class.

Modern farmhouses, on the other hand, are very affordable, don’t necessarily need to be located very far from cities, and don’t always need to be surrounded by miles of unused farmland. Why?

First of all, city inhabitants regard these farms as their second homes, coming here for getaways, staycations, or even just weekends. Second, agricultural plots can be purchased for as little as 1/4 acre of land, and with the entry for thoughtful builders and government policies, these are affordable to even the middle class. Thirdly, owners make sure that the farm plots are away from the hustle and bustle of city life but are easily approachable also, so whenever the time comes, they can relax and spend some quality time with their family and loved ones.

And modern farmhouses are more about aesthetic beauty, affordability, relaxation and fulfilling dreams of one and all. The designs are chic, with a touch of glamor, to give it a high-class feel but are under budget, giving you ample space for gardening/farming and relaxing.

Here we present to you some modern farmhouse design ideas to inspire and aspire your soul:

(Disclaimer: the design ideas are curated from the internet for and convenience of the reader)

  1. Adding a compact porch:

A 1Bhk small farmhouse suitable for a small plot, and a small family to make your weekends cozy and comfortable. A little front porch with seating space for unwinding and hanging out will undoubtedly improve both the beauty and practicality at once. A large hall connecting the living room, dining room, kitchen, and bathroom on the ground floor is the typical design for a farmhouse of this type. The first floor has a small bathroom and a bedroom.

Adding a compact porch
Pic Courtesy: Pinterest


  1. The sloped roof never gets out of trend and is highly budget friendly

These farmhouses are typically constructed in rural settings like the countryside. The roof of these farmhouses are typically worn-out and slopped, giving them a suburban vibe. The porch is large and kept at ground level for easy access to enter the drawing or living room, kitchen or playroom. Village farmhouse designs are less expensive than other farmhouse designs because of their inexpensive exterior design.

The sloped roof never gets out of trend and is highly budget friendly
Pic Courtesy: Pinterest


  1. A modern wooden farmhouse:

This basic yet lovely wooden house design provides comfort and is also instagrammable. These farmhouses are eye-pleasing because of their sloping wooden roof and grand entrance. Such farmhouses are constructed from heavy, thick wood. The layout of a small kitchen, a small bathroom, a living area, and a warm bedroom will make a compact and cozy one-floor farmhouse affordable. A little balcony that looks out onto your lovely trees and plants is both calming and stress-relieving.

A modern wooden farmhouse
Pic Credits: Triguna Country Homes
  1. Adding a Gazebo

Adding this feature to your farmhouse surely adds aesthetics and space for your living. Since its full roof and offer protection from weather and sun, hence can be used as outdoor dining, chilling space or even a small outdoor kitchen. It can be made of wood or look like wood, adds vintage look to your backyard and surely compliments with any farmhouse design. You can opt for hexagonal, circle, or even a square gazebo. You can play with type of roof, levels etc as per your budget.

Adding a Gazebo
Pic Credits


  1. Bay window and side entry garage:

Consider adding this design to your construction if you have a sizable family and a relatively larger agricultural plot. Choose a two-story layout to offer the members some room, and while the building is still being built, add bay windows for beauty and cost-effectiveness. A side entry garage gives it a western appearance and is the most practical addition. can serve as a storage space for your farm’s weeds, trays, and other farming tools.

Bay window and side entry garage
Pic Credits: floorplans
  1. If Not Gazebo add Indian Baithak outside:

For any reason, if you find a Gazebo western style and you want to keep your farmhouse typical rural vibe then, you can plan a small Indian baithak outside with a shade to keep you protected from rain and sun. But an outside seating is highly recommended for a farmhouse that overlooks the green landscapes and keep you closer to your plants and to nature.

If Not Gazebo add Indian Baithak outside
Image credits


  1. A small fire pit would do a lot than you can even think

A fire pit is unquestionably a lavish and adventurous addition to a huge farmplot for those winter nights and BBQ sessions with friends and family. It may appear to be a luxury, but if planned and done well, that is, at the time of layout, it is actually pretty affordable. Many raw materials which are left while farmhouse construction can be used here saving you a lot of money.

A small fire pit would do a lot than you can even think
Image Credits
  1. A Fireplace for a small farmplot:

We highly recommend this as a small farm plot don’t have much space for a firepit. Outer area in a small farmhouse has to be wide open for plants, seating and to chill. A fireplace in a living room can give you equally amazing experience on chilly nights like those in a grand firepit. Imagine roasting marshmallows over the fireplace and enjoying a small, cozy affair with family on a weekend getaway. Isn’t it all we want?

A Fireplace for a small farmplot
Image credit
  1. A little luxury doesn’t hurt anyone but enhances the whole look:

Although we are discussing inexpensive farmhouse designs and ideas, a little elegance in any corner of the house won’t do any harm. However, it unquestionably improves the appearance of the farmhouse and the owner’s pride. And when this luxury comes to your bathroom, it surely improves the family’s and guests’ level of comfort and relaxation.

A little luxury doesn't hurt anyone but enhances the whole look
Image credits
  1. Scandinavian inspired theme:

Even though the name suggests something international, this is one of the most cost-effective interiors. Light-colored floors, modest yet delicate furniture, and a light-colored hallway are the primary elements of this concept, which creates a friendly and comfortable living space.

Scandinavian inspired theme
Image Credit


Hope this was a good and informative read for you all. Triguna Country Homes, is a 100-Acre, gated farmplot community, near Bangalore, crafted in a way that it brings forth a perfect blend of nature and luxury. Each plot comes with its own mini miyawaki forest measuring 1500 sq. ft. consisting of almost 450+ native plants.

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