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Triguna Country Homes is a new depiction of simplicity and rural peace that the contemporary country experience offers. It surely is a place to relive your childhood and make your child learn the learnings nature teaches. Triguna Country homes is a 100 acre farm plot community where simplicity, serenity, spirituality, tranquility and modernity meets all at once.

We have good grounds for saying this, so let us explain. Triguna Country Homes undoubtedly exemplifies the finest of both worlds—urban modern lifestyle and contemporary lifestyle—in one sizable property. For instance, it has a swimming pool that meets international standards and a 7-acre natural lake that is superbly managed, so you may swim or enjoy the water wherever you choose. Apart from the clubhouse, gym, play area, it comes with all the modern international standard amenities as well as those unique to our rural surroundings.. Here we are listing our top five highly asked-for amenities:

1) Coracle:


Coracles are round boats and have been used traditionally to fish in rivers in many parts of the world. At Triguna Country Homes you get access to 7 Acre natural Lake and thus all its amenities. Bring your kids and your friends along for this great ride on a bright Sunday afternoon. For all age groups, this is undoubtedly an exciting and educational experience, and it is most enjoyable when shared by all. On Coracles, take in the best of nature. Surely this is exciting. Isn’t this exciting?

2) Kid Friendly Rock climbing

Kid Friendly Rock climbing

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Family Friendly At Triguna Country Homes, rock climbing walls give your child a way to release some of their boundless energy. These outdoor activities are safe for children and help build problem solving and communication skills.

It’s entertaining and innovative to incorporate an adventure into your child’s outdoor playtime. And Triguna Country Homes has made it accessible and available by adding a top-notch amenity called “kid-friendly rock climbing adventure.”

3) Paintball


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Allow yourself and your kids to experience the combat zone out of those Xbox and Playstations, not in the real world but in a Paintball World. Paintball is basically a competitive shooting game which involves eliminations on the basis of strikes with paintballs that burst on impact.

This unique game, which is typically found in amusement parks or resorts, is undoubtedly entertaining, promotes teamwork, channels full body workout and is surely a major stress reliever, but it is definitely on the more expensive side.  But the owners at Triguna Country Homes get to its access along with their family and friends as a part of their weekend fun.

4) Bullock cart Ride

Bullock cart Ride

A bullock cart ride is not as luxurious and opulent as a ride in a limousine (there is just no comparison) but it is undoubtedly exciting and adventurous.  It is a slow travel vehicle unlike “Dhoom” bikes and hence you get to connect more with people and nature around. No matter your age is, this is perfect weekend relaxation despite all the ups and downs.

5) Pottery class

Pottery class

One should never stop learning. Let’s learn the language of making pottery at Triguna Country Homes and keep our mind and body engaged. This skill is exciting, rewarding and imparts mental peace and teaches patience. It can be expensive if started as a hobby at home as the one time investment on Kiln and Pottery Wheel can be expensive but here at Triguna, the owners get access to the infrastructure and the classes. Pottery helps to express and connect oneself to others and to the environment.

Triguna Country Homes offers a tranquil setting with all of nature to keep your mind calm and composed. A study by The Myers-Brigg company found that those who are always ‘on’  are prone to feel excessive stress, mental tiredness, and burnout., so it is very important to take a break and fully switch off.

Hence, it’s time to switch off for a while from the chaotic city life, take a break, enjoy with your family and friends and let your mind also relax.

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