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According to the Kaiser Family Foundation External, children aged 8-18 spend, on average, a whopping 7.5 hours per day in front of a screen just for entertainment, which adds up to 114 days watching a screen. As Parents these numbers are scary and eyeopener at once because they may lead to long-term health consequences, Sleep deprivation, Increased risk of obesity, Susceptibility to chronic health conditions etc to name a few. Our busiest work life has also, somehow, led to compromised outdoor family time. Schoolwork and screentime have just added to the lack of communication and connection among family members. Additionally, cities lack open spaces and parks and also let us breathe contaminated air, which again is unhealthy.

Kaiser Family Foundation External

IF you are also struggling to go out due to lack of cleanliness and proper maintenance of parks and roads, then your search ends here at Triguna Country Homes. We are a gated farm plot community near Bangalore which provides you with everything natural, spacious, clean and maintained. And in all this, we make sure that you are not left stuck due to the lack of any modern amenities. We perfectly blended nature with modernity, so that you can fly high and still remain connected to the roots.

And when we talk about open space, we look forward to outdoor activities which keep us motivated (to go out), engaged and also strengthen our relationships. Here we have listed 5 most fun outdoor family bonding activities which you can easily take up at Triguna Country Homes:

  1. Bonfire:


Sitting beside a fire on a breezy night, and playing antakshari with your family is exciting, adventurous and fun; all at once. Sharing stories and jokes around the fire and doing some reminiscing, may bring closeness among family members, as one of the best ways to indulge in each other’s life is through communication. And what’s better than being in a fun way. You can also go for a barbeque side by side and show off your cooking skills while boasting about your heroism in your college days. Kids are more comfortable sharing and attaching when done their way.

  1. Cycling:

Cycling - Triguna

Cycling is exciting and exercising both. An outdoor activity like cycling with all your family members is one of the most adventurous and satisfying tasks you can take up. Pack up a picnic basket, a mat and, maybe, badminton to play; cycle around nature, share laughs and food and come back home with nothing but memories and health. Isn’t this relaxing? No, it’s exhausting, But,  hitting up your bed after a day full of adventure is relaxing and calming.

  1. Coracle/swimming/fishing in the natural lake:

Natural Lake Fishing

At Triguna country Homes, you get a 7 Acre Natural Lake, well maintained and resourceful. You can, anyday, go for a coracle race with your family Or enjoy swimming in the nature. Or maybe just sit beside the lake, talk and go fishing. They say, if you teach your kids how to fish, they will never sleep hungry. It is indeed a survival skill and teaches you patience. Plus, you get to have a more content conversation with your kids

  1. Trekking/Hiking:

Trekking Hiking

Not just a physical activity, hiking imparts mental health, a chance to reconnect with nature and strengthen family bonds. If you are worried that you cannot go trekking every now and then, as it is exhausting as well, Triguna Country Homes made it easier to camp amidst nature. You can go for a site visit and check out the world-class amenities Triguna offers.

  1. Gardening:


Nature has a relieving and revealing magic. The more you spend time in Nature, the more you reveal about yourself and the more you relieve your pains. Gardening is one such skill that not only helps you and your child to communicate better, understand nature and relieve your pain but also is most productive as you can grow your food yourself. Planting together a small kitchen garden in your backyard with your kids that they can help care for and watch grow is one of the lifetime experiences. Also, this connection with nature will also bring closeness between you and your child. Plucking your food from trees, cooking it together, sharing; all this is nothing but just rewarding.

Nature sightseeing, a wildflower in bloom, catching a fish, growing a tomato, these small things are satisfying and help your child learn to appreciate little joys and achievements in life. Not only do these outdoor activities nurture your relationship with your child but also make your family mentally and physically strong.

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