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Though agricultural lands are used to cultivate crops and collect them, they can also be used for typical home purposes such as single home construction. Usually, these agricultural farmlands are more flexible than metropolitan lands and cover several vacant rural parcels. 

These farmlands are used to produce animals and crops, and no matter which farm type the products are sold for, the landlords of these farms depend on those pieces of land for survival. That’s why before using agricultural land for building your home; you must undergo several surveys to ensure that the land is suitable for house building as well. You can also seek help from professionals such as Triguna Country home to make a decision.


These places are used to produce meat, dairy, and other animal products. Just like the farmers, the ranchers also raise the animals as their way of living. These people raise the animals and also stock them for efficient grazing.


This option combines the characteristics of farms and ranches. As the name refers, the neighbourhoods of homesteads are usually families, and it is one of the best options when you are willing to buy a farm property to live off. Many farmers also choose this option when they want to create their own lifestyle by leaving off the crops they are producing on the ground.


If farming is nothing but your hobby, you can use farmland to cheer up your hobby and have some time for pleasure or relaxation. In contrast to regular farmers, people who own farmhouses don’t live on their lands all the time as the farmers do. But still, they use a piece of land for farming purposes.

Agricultural Land Understanding

If you are willing to buy farmland near Bangalore, you must understand Tax and zoning laws, agreements and water rights.

There are many differences between residential areas and agricultural lands, especially when it comes to soil making and water rights. If you are thinking about cultivating your land, this can make a difference. Agricultural zoning aims to protect the farming activities and the land from non-farmers. The aim is also to protect the use of open land for promoting rural growth and preventing urban land conflict. That’s why most of the agricultural lands are restricted to farming.

You can only choose to live next to the farms that can raise livestock, and that’s why you have to go for the lands which are agriculturally zoned for constructing homes. Besides that, in some open farmlands, you can build churches, public utilities, hospitals, schools etc.

When it comes to taxes, unless your previous owner doesn’t lose the status of farm tax, you will have to pay a lower tax array for your sole use of the farm.

Zones of Flood

Though the deposits of flooded coastlines usually enrich the soil. If buying agricultural land in a flood zone to build a house, you may probably need to buy flood insurance if the land is often exposed to floods.

Restrictions to building a house on agricultural land

  • You can convert agricultural land into residential by paying a fee. You have to apply to the government authority, explaining the purpose of conversion. Along with the application, you will need to attach certain documents, the latest tax declaration covering the subject property and the vicinity map.
  • 1200sg ft area can be used to build a house for your own purpose and can have permission from gram panchayat or municipal corporation in whichever area your agricultural land appearing
  • No special permission is needed to build a cottage/storage to look after farming. All you have to do is to inform the concerned department about this.
  • Or you can simply go to companies like Triguna country homes to escape any such legal issues and live your life peacefully. With any farm plot you purchase, you get the 1500s. ft. mini miyawaki forest and 30% of the land area can be used for construction(legally permitted)

Why Triguna Country home?

If you are willing to build your farmhouse where you can go to relax, we are here at your service with a highly professional and knowledgeable team to guide you in every step so that you can buy the best land for your farmhouse. We understand your requirements and help you to build a home that can match your dreams. We offer our clients an amazing farm plot sale near Bangalore to provide them with amazing and airy plots at a low price.

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