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Buying a house or a piece of land in India is considered auspicious. And in every Indian household, it is the tradition that you have to do Vastu Puja for your new land.

The word ‘Vastu’ literally translates to land, and the word Pooja means worshiping the land where your home will be built.

It is believed that if you follow the right Vastu Shastra, it can benefit you a lot and bring luck to your agricultural land. It can help you to double the amount of product in terms of your crop harvesting. Vastu for a farmhouse is a bit complicated but Vastu Shastra can help you understand your land and the placement of your building.

Here are the top 10 Vastu tips you should know while buying agricultural land.

1) Farmhouse Direction:

According to the Vastu Shastra, building your farmhouse on the Southwestern side of your agricultural land would bring luck and prosperity to your home. Vastu Shastra not only tells you the position of your house but also the position of all the furniture inside your house.

2) Leveling your land

According to the Vastu Shastra of agricultural land, the land should be leveled where the house will be built. If the land is unleveled, then you need to make sure that the slope of the land is either north or south facing. It is said that the owner’s expenses will surpass his/her income if the land has a downward slope.

3) Placement of your compound wall

It’s important to make sure that your agricultural land has a compound wall. According to the Shastra, the wall should be on the south and eastern side of the field. It is also said that the wall should be 10 to 20 feet in length and with a minimum height of at least 6 feet. If you follow the instructions, it can benefit you in terms of agricultural production. The Shastra also advises not to place the walls in the eastern or northern directions.

4) Placement for your Agricultural Equipment

According to the Shastra, the agricultural equipment should be either placed in the southern or southwest-facing direction. However, you should never place them in the north, east, or north-eastern directions. It can be harmful to all the crops and slow down your Production rate. Also, if you own farm vehicles like bullock carts and thrasher machines, then you should place them in the north or northwest directions.

5) Doing home Yagya

Vastu Puja is something almost every Indian household does after buying a new property or land. It is said that you need to give offerings to the deity of land and fire and ask them to bless your land. According to the Indian Vastu Shastra, you need to prepare a sacred fire. This ritual is called “Havan” or “Yagya”. It is believed that giving offerings in the sacred fire can bring luck and prosperity to your new land. During this ritual, you need to put a new harvest in the Eastern direction and should be honored with kumkum and tamarind. You also need to crack a coconut in the middle of the field facing the eastern direction. The Havan or Yagya should be done during the evening.

6) Directions for sowing new seeds

Our Vastu Shastra says that whenever you are planning to plant new seeds on your agricultural land, make sure to plant them on an auspicious day while chanting mantras.

According to the Shastra, Saturday and Tuesday are considered the lucky days for sowing the seeds. During sowing, either Chand Surya Mantra or Gayatri Mantra, offer your prayer and ask for the blessings of God. You also need to face the southeast direction and continue sowing in a clockwise direction.

7) Planting Tall Trees

If you want to improve the soil, the best way to do so is by planting tall trees on the Southern or Eastern side of your land. Moreover, you should avoid planting trees on the northern and eastern sides of your land.

8) Instructions for Borewell in Farm

If you want to place an underground tank for water, then it should be placed in the North-Eastern direction of the northern and eastern sides of your property. You should never place a well in the southwestern, northwest, or southeast direction. It can harm your land. The Shastra also instructed that the pipe system of your farmhouse for supplying water to the crops should be built from south to north.

9) Instructions for the plots

Vastu experts suggest that you should pay more attention to the shape of the plot while buying your land. It is said that if the plot shape is either square or rectangular, it can be assumed that the land is good. Also, the land should not have a cut in the southeast or southwest direction.

10) The slope of Agricultural Land

If your land has slopes, then they should be facing either north or east. It is believed that slopes that face south or west can bring bad luck to the land as well as for the owner of the land.

Following Vastu Shastra and its rituals may bring luck and prosperity to your new home. If you follow the above tips, your production will surely improve. Since mother nature is God of all land and it’s our job to ask for her blessings. Triguna Country Homes is the best property dealer all around India. We believe that home is where our roots are, in nature. We can show you the farmlands near Bangalore with the best property around lakes and will help you to build your very own farmhouse or a weekend getaway home.


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