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Appreciating values of farmland assets and the yields it earns is not a new term for investors or for the privileged few who always wanted a money-making property. Earlier, The Karnataka Land Reforms Act (1961) did not allow individuals without an agricultural background to own agricultural land in the state. But in 2020, the Act was amended which now allows any individual to buy agricultural land in Karnataka, regardless of their background.  This brought many opportunities for real estate and hence you can find many farmlands in Bangalore. They have emerged as newer and better investment opportunities. But in this nip and tuck affair what matters most is location, purpose, price and other unique features. Basically, the value which the investor derives needs to be measured. 

  • Deciding the purpose of buying Farmland:

What’s the goal you want to achieve when buying a Farmland? Its an imperative question one must ask to oneself before even starting the process of finalizing budget, property and other factors. Whether you want to keep land for investment purposes or for capital gains by reselling it. Or you are looking for a holiday home for some leisure and recreational activities. Or you want to invest in your retirement home away from the city chaos. Or you want to pursue farming as a hobby, or a second occupation or retirement profession. 

Your purpose can change with time but at the point of fixing that you are buying farmland, you need to have a Purpose.

  • Deciding the Budget and financing options available:

Before you even look out for farmland properties near Bangalore, the first thing you should consider is budget fixing. This needs to be done beforehand as this largely eliminates options which are not in range hence saves a lot of time and gives you a clear vision of what you want from the available options under budget. Buying lands with hardcore cash is always beneficial as it does not include hidden fees like in installments. 

Once the budget is decided, discuss finances like, Per sq. ft. rate, loan options, cashflows and all,  with the concerned person. Although buying any land near Bangalore with a loan was out of the question a few years back. But now many companies are offering EMI options with zero interest. 

  • Check the Connectivity of the farmland Property:

When we are saying connectivity, we mean connectivity via road and via the network. Any property easily accessible from the city yet away from the hustle bustle of the city life is the best option. As farmlands are meant to be peaceful, less polluted and less populated. Next, check the network availability in the region. Being away from city life is a good option but staying connected to people is the best option. 

  • Checking the water availability:

A land without a proper supply of water is good for nothing. Even if you are looking for a holiday home to spend weekends, you won’t like to spend those days struggling for water. And when, it comes to farming, it seems an impossible task without the availability of Water. Water is necessary to grow your plants, raise your animals, and harvest properly. It’s better if your land is located near a Lake or if your land has a lake on it. And if properties are having sewage treatment plants for common gardening areas, then it’s an add-on. As we need water for today and for tomorrow. 

  • Checking the quality of soil:

Your dream farmhouse can only come true if the land you’re buying has all the properties of good soil. That is why you need to check the condition and quality of the soil. You can do so by observing the propagation of vegetation in the soil. Usually, if the soil is well-drained and rich in minerals and organic matter, it can be considered good land for farming and harvesting. 


Another way you check the quality of the soil is by seeing if the place is full of weeds or not. Weeds take over in regions where the soil is poor and compacted. Are there any rocks? In any case, if you find yourself in rough soil, don’t worry too much. It’s just a matter of time and effort before you can start farming. You will need to execute different strategies to develop the soil with natural matter. You can also try to do soil tests before you purchase the land. You can also check the previous details and how the land was being utilized before. 

  • What’s in the neighborhood?

Before selecting an ultimate land for your farmhouse, you should do a neighborhood check. The locality surrounding your land can affect the way of your living. A good neighborhood means a good environment and stress-free living. Whereas a bad neighborhood can become the source of many troubles and problems. 


The best way to check is by greeting your neighbors face to face and communicating with them. You can immediately know what kind of people they are. A helpful neighbor will always give you all the support and help for your farming business. 

  • See the amenities and other ‘plus’ features:

Any land you purchase is definitely not costing you any less. So, you must always measure what other benefits you are driving with your investment. An amazing layout, state of art amenities, EMI options, access to modern features and many other things are offered by developers. Try to check this aspect when investing. After all, money should be invested for maximum returns, be it monetary or self-satisfactory. 

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