FarmlandsReal EstateUnderstanding Managed Farmlands: A new asset class for new-age investors

Appreciating the values of farmland assets and the yields it earns is not a new term for investors or for the privileged few who always wanted a money-making property. Earlier, there has been an entry barrier for non-farming investors to own farmlands. Until recently, when Karnataka Land Reforms Act, 1961 now permits any individual or institution from non-farming background to own agricultural land. This amendment opened up the market for investments in managed farmlands near Bangalore.

What are managed farmlands?

managed farmlands in bangalore

Managed farmlands are nothing but the farmlands which are owned by individuals or institutes but are being managed and cared for by an expert agency. As for individuals with non-farming backgrounds, managing plantations and farms might seem challenging and time-consuming, hence entering the agency for the rescue at reasonable charges.

Managed Farmlands as Asset class

The ever appreciating land value coupled with plantation or timber harvest is a sure win. Continuous growth in demand for organic food and timber made this class even more lucrative and beneficial. Farmlands, if managed well, can surely provide wealth creation opportunities for today gen investors.

  • Unlike other types of real estate properties where rates fluctuate with the building of new housing units, farms offer limited supply. Therefore, it is unlikely to devalue.
  • Generally a negative correlation to stock market indices;
  • Farmland investment gives both capital and operating returns in the form of a combination of rental income and value appreciation of the asset.
  • One pretty obvious reason for owning your own farm is that it lets you grow your fruits and veggies.

owning your own farm near Bangalore

Not only just farmland, but a continuous flow of water, adequate surface and perfectly placed plantation, together only will drive up the overall value of the asset. Triguna country homes have structurally planned a mini miyawaki forest with each plot which includes native plants like Mahogany. Sandalwood, Teakwood, Guava, Jamoon, Chickoo, Jackfruit, Lemon, Coconut, multi-color Bougainville and many other weather supportive trees, so that the plantation is more productive.

Along with common amenities, the Miyawaki Forest planted in all the plots will be taken care of by Triguna Country Homes. Watering the plants in your absence and maintaining cleanliness; are included in monthly maintenance charges.


Portfolio diversification

When you create a portfolio, you tend to invest to diversify it while investing in high return products. Apart from the stock market, gold, real estate and bonds, this asset; a managed farmland could be highly beneficial.

Not only financial terms but the sense of ownership imparts a treasure for a lifetime, a treasure that can be transferred to generations and more.

Build your luxury farm house near Bangalore with Triguna Country Homes

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