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Earth is dying and so are its people. Lack of oxygen, ozone layer depletion, polluted air and water, adulterated food and milk and whatnot. Nothing is left pure but the little left in nature. As humans, it’s our inevitable duty to save our motherland and thus our generations. Planting a tree is the foremost thought each of us imagines, but is it enough? How about a forest, clean and cool air, homegrown food and our part towards nature. Imagine how exciting it would be to own a forest. Seems breathtaking and implausible at once, right? But Triguna country homes offer something which you just cannot ignore. A mini forest with every plot you purchase or what you call farm plots. Welcome to the Miyawaki forest zone.

What is Miyawaki forest - Near Bangalore

What is Miyawaki forest?

Miyawaki forests grow in two to three years, are self-sustainable, create carbon sinks and attract local birds and insects. “The method includes the planting of diverse native species, thereby bringing in more biodiversity in comparison to monoclonal plantations,” Mohan Chandra Pargaien, an IFS officer based in Telangana, said.


Why invest in a mini-forest?

Forestry is one of the most secure investments in today’s market. Not only for today but for generations to come. The growth of forests is not correlated with economic factors and stock market indices. Not only this but owning a cute little forest is a source of beauty, tranquillity, relaxation and recreation. It promotes a sense of well being and can be a source of income. From growing your own food to conducting a small campfire and thus cooking your own meal, this small section of woods can give you ample opportunities to enjoy freedom at financial, mental and emotional levels.

forests remove vast amounts of carbon Near Bangalore

Moreover, The ownership of forests, be it a mini or a huge dense, gives immense benefits to humans and humanity. A study suggests that deforestation accounted for an annual carbon emission of around 5 billion tons along with soil erosion and biodiversity loss. And forests remove vast amounts of carbon from the air and reduce soil erosion. Hence a small forest will also be a small contribution to Mother Earth.


How to Own a Mini Forest?

In this era of urbanisation, building your own garden from scratch would be a complex task, given lack of time and resources;creating a mini-forest would be a nightmare for some. And almost all of us wish to experience countryside living. Making lives simpler, Triguna Country homes offer 1500 sqft of mini Miyawaki forest, with around 450 native plants with every plot. Each plot has 2-3 of the following trees: Mahogany, Sandalwood, Teakwood, Guava, Jamoon, Chikoo, Jackfruit, Lemon, Coconut, Banana, Kadamba, Bougainvillea plants and many more.


Thus, owning a mini forest now just  involves a few steps :

  1. Reach out to us at 7816999111 Or log on to , for details and amenities
  2. Have the virtual tour here,  and then visit the site
  3. Discuss finances
  4. And choose the apt plot as per your convenience,
  5. And it’s your, the Miyawaki forest, to live and to cherish forever.


The concept of every plot is, to have its own Miyawaki forest, to have a feel of staying in a farmhouse or the self-sustained houses as opposed to the cramped spaces. This is specially designed for the privileged few who always wanted to live amidst greenery and nature, build their dream home, and want to get out of the hustle-bustle of the city but not miss out on the amenities.

So, here you get the best of both worlds, modernity and tradition. After all it is a legacy that will serve you, your children and grandchildren and beyond.

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