FarmlandsWhy Should You Choose Organic Farming as a Retirement Profession?

It is still not known whether retirement itself is good or bad on retirees’ health or has no effect. In Fact, research conducted at Harward Health Publishing says it all, ” For many people, retirement is a key reward for decades of daily work—a time to relax, explore, and have fun unburdened by the daily grind. For others, though, retirement is a frustrating period marked by declining health and increasing limitations.”

Whatever be the case, acquiring a hobby that gives peace and is done amidst nature can be rewarding in both cases. As another study by the U.S. Health and Retirement Study say, “In a sample of 5422 individuals, those who had retired were 40% more likely to have had a heart attack than those who were still working”. A hobby as productive and relaxing as Organic farming invests retirees’ time in the best way possible and is also rewarding. Well, it might be a hobby for some, but for others working and earning till their lifetime is a passion and might be a necessity as well. And when choosing to farm, organic modes are sustainable and the product is pure and unadulterated.

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Even celebrities today have chosen organic farming as their second occupation. Veteran actor Dharmendra has been learning organic farming for years and chooses sustainable living and spends most of his time at his 100-acre Lonavala farmhouse. The list is long when celebs went for organic farming including R. Madhavan, Rakesh Kumar aka Rosesch, Prakash Raj and many others, who chose peace and productivity at once.

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Choosing a retirement profession is a task and preparing for it is another. A new-age investment is trending for the purpose, of farmlands, to cherish a countryside living today and have a peaceful retirement tomorrow. A home away from hustle-bustle of the city and completely a part of nature. Triguna Country Homes is a beautiful gated farm plot community in Denkanikottai, also known as Little England and is just 45 mins from E city. It is crafted in a way that brings forth a perfect blend of nature and luxury, so you don’t even miss the modern and easy lifestyle of the City. Also, farmlands are a long term investment that is going to serve you and mother earth for generations to come.

Before getting into other resources you need, let’s discuss some Pros and Cons of moving into farmland after retirement:



  • All your life, you have been running and working to meet the needs of the family. Retirement is meant to be less stressed and more relaxed, enjoying life at a much slower pace. And what is more peaceful than Nature. Triguna Country Homes offer farmlands surrounded by mini hills and more than 60,000 trees in the property which makes the air pure and lifestyle healthier. Better air quality assists with many diseases including respiratory and heart diseases.
  • Growing your own food, organically, is itself satisfying and healthy, with a steady income into the bargain,even if you are selling home-grown vegetables at the market.

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  • It’s not a 9 to 5 job and needs your time even on weekends. However, there are some agencies and properties that manage farmlands in your absence. So, sorted.
  • While searching for peace and moving to a farm, you have to be prepared to be isolated from society. Also, you don’t have easy access to luxuries like malls, recreational amenities and restaurants etc. But properties like Triguna Country Homes gives you a perfect blend of rural and luxury lifestyle. An 8 Acre luxurious 5 star Triguna Clarks Exotica Resort along with other world-class amenities is their USP.


There are many training manuals presented on the internet to start learning about organic farming. So, anyone can start from there with startup kits easily available. Moreover, farmlands like Triguna Country Homes offers each plot with an already grown mini miyawaki forest stretching 1500sq. Ft. with about 450 trees per plot. Also, they deliver fertile land with healthy water availability through borewells to create overall satisfaction for the customer. So, you can go and choose your plot easily.

Find the managed farm plots near Bangalore.

Happy Retirement! Happy Farming!

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