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Parenthood is a great responsibility

Parenthood is a great responsibility and each one of us adheres to it from our core. But in this role of being a parent, there are times when we forget that we are humans as well and neglect the part nature plays in all of our lives. The air in which our child breathes is not pure, we made it unhealthy; the water our child drinks is dirty, we made it so; the food our child eats is adulterated, again, we are responsible. But in all this, the victim is the health of our kids.

Are we gonna justify our child’s future with all the things polluted and unhealthy? Time to make an escape from hurly-burly and take a break with nature. It’s evident for parents now to become more responsible by creating a balance between modernity and nature. Most children have access to school, education, technology and extracurricular activities but as parents, we must add a little bit of adventure, a dash of sunshine and a big space for outdoor activities amidst nature.

Triguna Country homes is one stop for all you are looking for. It is a gated farmland community that offers nature with all the modern amenities so that you remain connected to the roots while flying high with time.


Journey to better childhood:

As parents, we tend to give everything best to our kids and forget that childhood is not just about materialistic things but is much above these world-class services and gadgets. A child must not only know the aesthetics of swimming in a fine swimming pool but also the beauty that lies in swimming in a natural lake.

Journey to better childhood

When we think of our childhood, we think of games we played, outdoor and indoor; the food we ate, ‘desi’, pure and unadulterated; the places we roamed around. And when we see our kid’s childhood, all we see is screen time; even in gatherings; impure food and lying around the bedroom under the name of “Space”. Well, these are not completely bad, as we need to move and adjust with time but as parents, it is our utmost duty to do needful. Why not buy land that gives you ample outdoor activities amidst nature, a clean environment, the opportunity to grow your own food and a parallel source of income. Triguna Country Homes has it all. And the best part is you don’t have to compromise on your way of living as it is a perfect blend of modern and rural living. It teaches your child to live big when you have the least. Here are a few things that Triguna Country homes help you, as a parent, and your child to explore, learn and bond:


  1. At Triguna Country homes each plot comes with 1500sq. Ft. of Miyawaki forest. As simple as watering your farm and having a conversation with your kid teaches them to spend time with nature and family. This is a life skill which each one of us should know to survive as this helps us to learn how to grow our food, how to take care of nature and how families stand through thick and thin of each other. This may also help you to grow together as parent and child.

What is Miyawaki forest - Near Bangalore

2. How about revisiting your childhood by escaping the Air conditioned room and coming to the natural air conditioners under a huge banyan tree beside a natural lake; a great picnic spot, isn’t it? Or a Bon-fire night just to sing and dance with your loved ones. Or the most lazy yet adventurous activity for those blue days; sitting beside the lake and having a casual talk with your child. These activities not only help in strengthening the parent-child bond but also fills them with confidence.


3. No one has seen the future, preparing your child for the extremes is a part of parenting. Let’s teach our children to live when we have nothing but nature. This activity is a life-saving course giving them a bit of Camping and Trekking experience. At Triguna Country Homes, you get a mini forest and fertile land. So you can, along with your children, learn and grow your own food, go fishing or milk cows. Cook them under the sky and enjoy the taste of hardships. It’s the most delicious meal when coupled with near and dear ones.

mango tree

As a parent, nothing is considered more responsible as taking care of your child and mother earth simultaneously. And making children thoughtful about nature, getting them involved in taking care of it and playing in the thick of it is a crowning accomplishment.

A childhood exposed to better air, pure food, fascinating views, beautiful landscapes and walkthrough dense greenways is surely a practice towards betterment. Also, as parents, you are shaping their present and future by investing in nature and their childhood. Hence, invest in Triguna Country Homes; a place where nature and innovation meet. To know more download our brochure here.

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