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There is an old saying, “Nature isn’t a place to visit. It is home.” More access to electronic media has led our kids to be more detached from the outdoors and to nature. This detachment may result in missing out on some very valuable lessons of life. Apart from beauty and tranquility, nature can give you a lot more, knowledge and empathy, to name a few.

Tree Swinging

Let’s take our kids out in nature to learn a few things. Here are some lessons you learn from nature.

1) Naturalist Intelligence

Naturalist Intelligence

Nature on the higher level teaches about the environment that sustains all the lives on the planet. Knowing the planet, hence, is crucial. Teaching your kids about nature, the birds, plants, trees and forests out of the books is crucial. It helps kids observe patterns in the natural world and have empathy for animals. Harvesting plants and herbs, tracking animals, connecting with birds etc are inherent human skills that all of us must and can develop by having adventure OUTSIDE.

2) Time perfection and Unrushed

Time perfection and Unrushed

Nature is a synonym of Peace. Never in hurry, following its own pace with smoothness and grace. A tree will grow at its own speed. Birds fly at their own pace, as fast as they want to. Fishes, flowers, fruits everything grows delicately with its own speed. Never will you see a flower blooming in hurry but still blooms in perfect time. That’s what everything nature teaches us. Unrushed still be perfect on time. It is indeed a great quality to develop discipline and punctuality, naturally. So, take your kids outdoors, embrace nature, appreciate, observe and discuss everything you see around.

3) Selflessness

Nature teaches kids to be selfless

Kids being raised in nuclear families are more stubborn and less willing to share. Nature teaches kids to be selfless. Ask your kids to pluck fruits and flowers from plants and trees. Sit under the shade of a huge banyan tree on a sunny day and feel the tranquility and soothing air. Walk amidst greens with your family and sense the peace, the always ‘giving’ nature.  Tell them how important these things are for our overall development. Discuss why it is important to share, help and be selfless(at times).

4) Everything has a purpose

Money might make kids stubborn and arrogant

Money might make kids stubborn and arrogant. There are times when kids with xBox and other expensive items don’t much care and respect other kids around. While it is imperial for children to socialize with other children of their age for their own overall development. Also, it’s the human ego that makes us think of things in nature as being useful or useless to us. But when we make our kids truly observe nature, it teaches us that every big and small thing or creature has its own purpose and we should value each of them, even if it doesn’t aid our own survival. The same concept stands true for human beings as well. And thus the concept makes our kids learn that we all deserve respect.

5) Good stuff always follows bad stuff

 Good stuff always follows bad stuff

Blizzards melt. Cloud melts. Storms settle. And all these always follow beautiful and peaceful weather. Nature teaches us a strong message that no bad stuff is inevitable, but is surely followed by something lovely.

Watching a calm lake, a years-old tree, hills, native trees etc; all are learning in one way or another. They help our kids restore attention, improve concentration and relieve their stress and hence perform better on cognitive tests. If you are struggling to find a quite open and green space in the chaos of the city, Triguna County Homes is your resort. It is a gated farm plot community near Bangalore. Starting at Rs. 399 sq. ft. the plots are available measuring from 1/4 Acre to one Acre.

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