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If you are creating your financial portfolio, then you must consider a new-age investment, farmlands, in it. If you are wondering whether it’s a good idea to put money into agriculture, you must know, that farmlands allow you to fulfil your hobbies without much legal intervention and are beneficial to cherish a countryside life, spend quality time with nature, learn new skills, self-actualization and have a peaceful retirement tomorrow. A home away from the hustle-bustle of the city and completely a part of nature. Even celebrities are getting in the action.

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While many celebrities are investing millions in luxurious lifestyles, mansions, international villas, top-end vehicles and whatnot, there are several who want to remain connected to their roots no matter how high they fly. This set of celebrities shows their love for true India via connecting to the soil of India, Farming. And there are celebs who have invested in farmlands and became farmers off-camera just in response to chemically-treated produce while other reasons are finding peace and self-realization. As they say, Going back to a simpler self always gives you wisdom. These celebs have taken up farming and proved that it’s not just an occupation but a way of life.

Here are a few celebrities who are relishing farming and the reasons for their love for farming:

  1. Actor R Madhavan:
R MAdhvan
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R Madhavan has set up a  terrace garden in his penthouse in Mumbai—where he grows organic vegetables using hydroponics (a farming method using water and no soil). In another incident in Tamil Nadu, he turned barren land into a coconut farm. His efforts not only helped land turn fertile but the birdlife, as well as greenery, is back in the region.

In an interview, R Madhavan admitted, “It has been one of the most satisfying and rewarding experiences of our lives. It was wonderful to see the land rejuvenated and yield it was meant to be in the first place”.

2) Dharmendra:

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Veteran Actor Dharmendra lately chose sustainable living over fast-moving city life. He owns 100-Acre farmland near Mumbai and has not only been learning but now has aced the art of organic farming. He keeps his fans updated via social media sites and shares his knowledge, experience and joys of choosing organic farming at this stage of his life. He surely is setting an exemplary example for retirement life. If you are also searching for a retirement profession, Organic farming can be an option. Triguna Country Homes near Bangalore is offering luxurious yet affordable farmlands measuring ¼ acre to 1 acre at ZERO  EMI options.

3) Prakash Raj:

Prakash Raj
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India Actor Prakash Raj took up farming and admits he has become more handsome, patient and peaceful. He further says, “Agriculture is a way of life. One needs to have a constant connection with nature, just as we share an imitable bond with our family. We have been desilting lakes and other water bodies, but, I believe we need to desilt our inner selves.  I bought a piece of land for myself, started farming, and learned with experience. “

The actor has even started selling homegrown produce. Hence, farming can make you money and is highly satisfactory. Not only satisfaction, but farming can be a recreational family bonding activity and a lifetime of learning.

He is seen accompanied by his 5-year-old son Vedanth who is also learning how to live on the farm, hence self-sufficient.

4) Rajesh Kumar aka Rosesh Sarabhai

Rajesh Kumar aka Rosesh Sarabhai

Sarabhai VS Sarabhai fame Rajesh Kumar aka Rosesh took up zero-budget spiritual farming, a philosophy that rejects chemicals for organic alternatives, to turn Barma into a smart village. When asked what inspired him to turn to organic farming he says, “My father wanted me to do something for our neglected farmlands in Burma. And when I visited there after some time, I couldn’t believe my eyes. My father had converted our ancestral land from a wasteland to one capable of producing a range of vegetables, fruits and crops in just five years — without using any chemicals for the most part. I was sitting under a mango tree, somewhere around here, and that was when it struck me, almost like Buddha’s story.”

When asked by his father, he said that his concern for the environment escalated after he hosted several events to ‘Rally for the River’ and the river flowing next to our farms had dried. These both incidents perhaps triggered the actor for his radical career move.

At Triguna Country Homes, we are offering farmlands without any damage to nature. In fact Triguna Country Homes proudly owns a 7-acre natural lake, super maintained and well taken care of.

5) Pasupathy Ramasaamy Solai, Tamil Nadu:

For a very simple reason, this Aravaan actor entered farming,  wanting to grow and feed himself and his family with good food. For this purpose, he purchased three-acre land in Periyapalayam. He mostly grows local and indigenous plants and trees. Starting off with rice, chickpeas, legumes and pulses, and a lot of trees, he also has chicken, cows and fish. Basically, he grows more or less, whatever the household needs for a year. And he thoroughly enjoys going to basics. He further states his family also takes a good interest in agriculture, even his four-year-old helps out by pulling out weeds and harvesting small crops like coriander. As per the actor, farming made him self-sufficient but it is not an easy task. One needs an attitude, confidence and a lot of humility.

Also, farmlands are a long-term investment that is going to serve you and mother earth for generations to come.

Still confused about how to look out for world-class farmland. Check out Triguna Country Homes, a beautiful gated farm plot community in Denkanikottai, also known as Little England and is just 45 mins from E city. It is crafted in a way that brings forth a perfect blend of nature and luxury, so you don’t even miss the modern and easy lifestyle of the City.

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