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Big or small, Owning a farmplot itself is an achievement. The pride passes onto future generations and provides you an unrivaled sense of calm. When you own farmland, you are not just the owner of the entire piece of property; you are also the owner of the gains and accomplishments that come with ownership. You put ideas into practice and begin exploring for new business opportunities to make efficient use of your undeveloped property. And if you are stuck with what all you can do in your small yet precious and beautiful farmplot then this surely a read for you.

  • Create your dream getaway home:

A getaway home is a home for occasional relaxation and mental retreat. All you can do is invest in your dream getaway home; inspired from a particular theme or any famous resort. The idea here is to make your small farmplot a useful but luxurious place to stay. Any beautiful wooden structure amidst nature surely can give you tranquility and peace. What else is a getaway home build for?

  • Create a outdoor playstation:

Keeping yourself and your kids away from the screen is one of the biggest challenges in today’s time. Why not invest in a fun activity that requires movement of the body and is carried out in the actual world? Invest in an outdoor playstation for kids and adults. Keep a small trampoline, practice hanging and knocking the ball, create a small open workout area, get a mini basketball kit or buy hurdles for a race or a timed workout. Anything that involves physical workout and is played and enjoyed by adults and kids can fulfill your outdoor playstation criteria.

  • Invest in a kitchen garden:

One of the most productive ways of optimum utilization of farmland is investing in a Kitchen Garden. Growing your own veggies and fruits all from the scratch is fun, courageous and rewarding; all at once. You can’t expect good returns every single time, but the wait to see the beautiful harvest teaches you patience, determination, and problem-solving. It is a healthier option too, as you are growing it organically. 

For a quick guide on how to begin your own vegetable garden, click here

  • Build a beautiful yoga deck:

Nothing beats nature coupled with some yoga and meditation. So, why not invest in creating a fancy yoga deck? Keep a small fountain in a side of the farmplot with some greenery, Or give a stony appearance. Having grass and moss under feet is refreshing, comfortable and soothing. Introduce potted bonsai, Japanese maples, and evergreen shrubs to your outdoor yoga studio to enhance the tranquility of the whole meditation space. Don’t forget to add a big ‘Om’ picture frame. You can check out Pinterest also for some quick and easy ideas and DIYs. 

  • Build a farm for kids and yourself:

Kids now-a-days are so engrossed in virtual reality that they forget to see what actual reality is. Invest in a small farm for kids like old McDonalds’. You could keep some easy farm animals like a goat, hens, cow or a buffalo. Teach your kids how to feed the animals, or milking them, or the egg hatching process. This will make them more sensitive to nature and creatures around. But you surely need a full time caretaker for the animals. This is quite expensive and time taking activity for your farm but is certainly a lot much fun and rewarding. Afterall, who doesn’t like farm fresh milk or eggs. 

Triguna Country Homes offers a tranquil setting with all of nature to keep your mind calm and composed. It offers farmplot measuring form 1/4 acre to 1 acre , so you get enough space to show your creativity yet stay in a cool atmosphere created specially for your farmplot via Miyawaki method. Triguna County Homes offers farmplots where 1500 sq. ft. of area is dedicated to miyawaki forest with around 450 trees which includes Mahogany, sandalwood, teak-wood and many other beneficial ones. To know more Click here.

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