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In the current scenario, when the stress of performing better grabs us from the very childhood, it is important as a parent, as an individual and as a human that we take care of our most precious gift, our body. Mental health is not a taboo these days but still people become ignorant towards its wellness. They refuse going to sessions and accepting that they are dealing with situations. But one thing that is not only healthy for our mental health but is equally entertaining and rewarding is Nature. Keeping yourself close to nature can heal a lot many problems without even putting much effort. Escaping to a place that’s nature filled and spending peaceful time with your closed ones is all you need to do. But, again, you need to have such a place that is away from chaotic city life and still easily approachable. How about owning farmland, a property that surely will give you a pride of ownership along with mental healthiness. Here, discussing 5 ways a farmplot can help boost your mental health:

  • Early Morning sunlight exposure in your own farmland:

The rising sun is rich in vitamin D and infrared light and thus has unique benefits that help reduce feelings of depression and anxiety. Warming up under morning sunlight in your own farmplot surely gives you a sense of ownership and positivity which together activates hormones which aid in emotional wellbeing.

Infact studies suggest that early morning routine also helps later in the day when you try to unwind at nighttime. Our body responds to the sun setting by releasing the melatonin it has stored, leading to a tranquil state of mind. After all, a good night’s sleep is the least we all deserve.Embracing early morning light can help you through a tough day.


  • Gardening and mental well being:

For ages an activity that served humanity and nature at once is Gardening. It provides spaces for people to relax and creates a bond between humans and nature. Studies suggest ‌ Gardening can improve many aspects of mental health, focus, and concentration,Improves mood and boosts self esteem. Enough reasons to start a garden in your farmplot. 

To start with you can choose plants that are easy to maintain and need less attention. Prepare your soil with manure and pick a few flowery plants as well. Colours and bloomed flowers surely delights your heart and soul. Don’t forget to add a few veggie plants for your farmhouse kitchen, like lemon, chilli, tomatoes, coriander etc that are low maintenance. Also plan some trees like Mango, manghony, jamun guava etc according to the area’s weather conditions. The sole purpose of picking low maintenance plants is to eliminate failures and rotten results as we are talking about mental peace and a dead plant may impede peace. 

Make sure to enjoy this activity with your kids, family and friends. After All everyone deserves Peace.

  • A walk  in nature:

As per a  study  published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, people who walked for 90 minutes in a natural arena have lower risk of depression as opposed to those who walked in a high traffic urban setting. 

What could be better than a morning stroll through the countryside on your own land? Owning a piece of nature, such as farmland, and taking a walk in it is peaceful, content and meditative. So, when you are looking to reduce stress, anxiety. Depression or even improve your memory, take a walk in nature. A farmplot community like Triguna Country Homes, has all the components of nature in it’s best form like, lush greenery, lake, mini hills, clean air and what not. Surely a day in this farm plot can help you reach miles when dealing with mental wellness.

  • Peaceful and calm environment releases peace to mind as well

Dealing with sudden life changes like health issues, the loss of loved ones, and even the new world of retirement causes mood disorder and social isolation. And studies suggest interacting with nature is one of the best self-improvement tools. Access to nature has also been shown to raise happiness and decrease negative emotions, improve sleep and reduce stress, foster pleasant social connections, and even assist in creating a sense of purpose in life.

People, irrespective of their mental health, benefit from being in green areas in terms of improving their attention, memory, and creativity. According to University of Chicago psychologist Marc Berman, “the evidence is pretty strong.”

Thus, whether you do physical workout or not in a natural setup, you surely gonna grasp mental fitness just being in nature. Having a quiet time with yourself and sipping a cup of coffee overseeing greenery is peaceful and calming for your body, mind and soul. Triguna Country Homes is a perfect place , and approachable, to seek peace amidst nature. 

  • Trees help us feel more relaxed and improve mental health:

A good view is a blessing to our eyes and what better view could there be than beautiful lush green trees. It soothes our eyes and thus relaxes our mind. Just watching trees makes you feel sufficient and generous, and makes you happy from your inner self. 

In a recent study, Polish participants looked at either a wintertime urban forest or an urban landscape devoid of trees for 15 minutes. Because it was winter, the forest’s trees had straight trunks and no leaves, and there was no additional flora beneath them. And the urban landscape consisted of buildings and roads. The participants completed questionnaires on their feelings and moods both before and after. Compared to those who looked at an urban landscape, those who looked at a winter forest reported much improved moods, more positive emotions. The participants completed questionnaires on their feelings and moods both before and after. Compared to those who looked at an urban landscape, those who looked at a winter forest reported much improved moods, more positive emotions, and a larger sense of personal repair.

Triguna Country Homes, is a farmplot community near Bangalore, stretched at 100-acre land, already have planted 30000+fully grown trees and would soon reach 60000. Own a farm plot covered with trees, infact each plot they offer has a mini miyawaki forest stretched at 1500 sq. ft. of area. They are all set to give you peace and happiness.

Just giving time to yourself being in nature could make you feel grateful for your health.  


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