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Land investment is one of the most popular choices among investors since ages. One of the top reasons being asset of pride and wealth transfer. Plus, the financial reasons include unexceptional value appreciation and tax benefits. Now, with time this segment has evolved into Agro-Realty. Wonder what is that? Let us take you through:

Agro Realty: A new and evolved real estate asset

Agro realty is rapidly gaining investments on the domestic and international front. As per an article This market was valued at INR 1,77,000 crores ($26 billion) in 2019 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of over 34 percent by 2025. But what exactly is agro realty? In simple words, agro-realty is the sector where agricultural land is developed and distributed among investors. Basically, large land tracts are divided and sold to individuals for farming and recreational activities. This real estate sector is captivating as it earns high returns with the least effort. And we believe the experts, this sector is going to be a game changer in the real estate industry. Even Bill Gates himself could not immaculate the wide scope of the sector and has hugely invested in it.

Why agro realty is creating this huge buzz

One of the things that makes this market more lucrative is that the cost of development gets divided among the investors, hence lowering the overall cost of acquiring a furnished plot. And the preferences to invest in its range from building a getaway home to having a retirement profession to set up farming for self or for businesses.

  • Demand for Organic food:

Rapid urbanization, a self-willed attitude to earn money and infrastructure developments are diminishing the farming land and occupation, leading to highly adulterated food to meet the demands. Moreover, people are self-educated to consume good food over adulterated ones. And then there are new business concepts emerging in the market catering to the need for organic fresh food, which is farm-to-home, encouraging startups to foray into agro realty businesses. Hence this sector is providing opportunities for small investors and enterprises to start framing on small land tracts. This whole demand-supply is surely going to catalyze the agro-realty vertical in the coming future.


  • High ROI:

Indians have always been obsessed with higher returns at minimal risks. And nothing can beat this but Agro realty. With the least effort, commendable government policies, farm insurance and split in common expenses, these sets of assets are more favorable and less risky than traditional financial instruments like Mutual funds, gold, FDs etc. Moreover, residential buildings tend to depreciate with time and usage, but agro realities don’t depreciate, hence better and secure ROI.


  • Getaway destinations for your weekends and retirement:

Agro realty has made luxury affordable. A luxury of having a farmhouse, a luxury of having a home away from home and a luxury of constructing a retirement house. All this is affordable with this vertical as the expense of sourcing water, constructing roads, getting electricity supply, and land clearance gets split. The amount of acquiring and maintaining the land also gets divided. And there are developers like Triguna Country Homes who are equipping the plots with gated boundaries, continuous healthy water supply, solar electricity street lights, concrete roads, and many other modern amenities amid the nature feel and peace.


  • An investment that’s friendly to wallet and planet at once:

Agro realty basically ensures environment-friendly and Organic farming practices, thus benefiting both consumers and Planet. Owners tend to earn by selling organic produce or save by consuming the products themselves, in both ways this vertical proves pocket friendly.  And less use of pesticides and electricity ensures more profits for the investors. The development in this sector surely takes care of nature while meeting human needs in one of the best ways possible. And in case you are not currently using it for farming or weekend home, it can easily be rented.

There are many developers in and around Bangalore who have catered to this need of investors and the environment. One such property is Triguna Country Homes. There are luxurious, affordable and modern farmlands available in Denkanikottai, just 45 mins from E city.  Triguna Country Homes strive to deliver fertile land with healthy water availability through borewells to create overall satisfaction for the customer with beautiful and soothing present and long-term wealth creation opportunities.

Farmland of Triguna Country Homes

It is a perfect blend of luxury and countryside living allowing you to fly high and still remain connected to your roots. It is a 100-acre property and each plot, measuring ¼ Acre to 1 acre, comes with its own mini miyawaki forest measuring 1500 sq. ft. consisting of almost 450+ native plants. A 7-acre natural lake, a more than 100 years banyan tree, and almost 30000 trees along with the luxurious 5 stars Triguna Clarks Exotica Resort stretching 8 acres, are a few features that make this whole property a world-class community. Also, these farm plots come with amazing ZERO interest EMI options.

Find the world-class Farmlands near Bangalore with a gated community.


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