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The dream of owning farmland, spending lazy weekends on a getaway home or pursuing organic farming on leisure days is no longer a luxury anymore. With many economical players entering the market and commendable government policies, even the middle-class segment can own their Dream Farmland. If this excites you, then this is surely a read for you:


What Triguna Country Homes is delivering:

Farm lands near Bangalore

A gated farmland community, covered with mini hills, spread around 100 acres of land that allows you and your family to reconnect to your roots. The plots they are offering are affordable, functional and luxurious and are available in Denkanikottai, also known as Little England. Starting at Rs. 399 sq. ft. the plots are available measuring from 1/4 Acre to one Acre. The most unique concept of Triguna Country homes is that it provides a subtle balance between rural peace and contemporary living.


How Triguna Country Homes is delivering Affordable Farmlands:

Managed Farmland near Bangalore
Flying Kite

Working efficiently and effectively, Triguna Country Homes ensures to provide plots with minimum bearable expenses. The plots are affordable because the expense of sourcing water, constructing roads, getting electricity supply, and land clearance, gets split among all the plot owners. The management ensures to further cut the maintenance cost of the property by equipping it with modern technologies like dust free roads, solar electricity street lights and  treated water to be used for gardening


Are they Approachable?

Indeed, Triguna Country Homes is in your reach and still away from the hustle bustle of city life. just 45 mins from E city, this place is peaceful, full of greenery, less polluted and less populated and is amid nothing but nature. A 7 acre natural lake and clean air are what you can expect from the property. When talking about approachability, Triguna, being away from the city, is still connected to its people via great network connectivity.


If the farmlands have good soil and healthy water:

Sandalwood Trees in Triguna Country Homes

A farmland without fertile soil and good water availability is dud. Also, Triguna understands you don’t want to spend your leisure time struggling for water or electricity or making soil fertile. Hence, Triguna, keeping its commitment towards customer satisfaction, ensures a healthy water supply from centralized overhead tanks that are fed with borewells, electricity connection in each plot and fertile soil for you to pursue farming or gardening.


Do the farmlands have enough security and greenery:

owning your own farm near Bangalore

The whole property is gated and under CCTV surveillance 24*7. Plus, each plot comes with picket fencing for better partitioning of plots and security from trespassing. When counting on the green belt of the property, Triguna has planted more than 30,000 trees till date and is aiming to reach 60,000 soon. And, what’s the cherry on top? You get 450 Pre-planted, Miyawaki trees along with two plants each of Mahogany. Sandalwood, Teakwood, Guava, Jamoon, Chickoo, Jackfruit, Lemon, Coconut, Multi Color Bougainville for each plot


Do they have access to modern amenities?

Premium Farm Plots near Bangalore

Surely they do. This farmland community comes with a luxurious 8-acre 5-star resort to meet your opulences Triguna Clarks Exotica and the farmland owners are getting its life membership and access to Multicuisine restaurant, 24*7 cafe, Spa, Swimming pool, an open garden banquet, Bar and many more at special prices.

Rock climbing, Paintball, clubhouse, outdoor chess are a few of their international standard amenities. But in all this Triguna did not forget to put all what our traditions have taught us for years, stay connected to our roots. It aims to provide the owners with a life our grandparents had access to. Bullock cart ride, pottery, milking the cow, fishing, coracle, and many more life skills which our children need to see and learn, all are part of Triguna property.


Triguna Country Homes offers farmlands that are close to nature but are accorded well with modern amenities. . This property aims to give the best of both worlds. So that no matter how high you fly, you stay connected to your roots.

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Managed Farmland near Bangalore

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